Giants and Castles
A original board game for 3-8 players

"The hand of the fair giantess princess is available to a worthy suitor. The first giant to build her a glorious tower of gold will win her love.

Unfortunately, giants are not known for their craftsmanship. If you can't make a castle, why not use your massive stature to steal one? In the valley next door stand the proud castles of eight human Lords. Pull down the Lords' castles, rip out their gold rooms, and stack them up on your humble plot of land. Voila. A home fit for a princess.

It's good to be bigger than everyone else."

The Giants and Castles Game Kit
This is the game design I mention in my essay Evolutionary Game Design. I'm posting this game as a 'Game Kit'. What is a Game Kit?

  • The kit includes professional high resolution graphics files, rules, and instructions for building your own board game.
  • It does not include any materials such as the board, or gaming pieces. These can be created from easily available items at hobby stores, etc.
  • Creation time is around 3 hours.
  • If you enjoy the game, feel free to drop me a note at Any variants that you create I'll try to incorporate in future revisions of the rules. If I get a good response, I'll post additional games.
  • All publishing rights, copyrights, etc. are still reserved by me.

Download the Giants and Castles Game Kit (5 MB)


The game in action
Here is the game in action. The four pieces with the colored bottoms are the giants. The 8 towers are the human castles. Hidden in them are gold rooms. Grab the gold rooms and build a lovely castle before your rivals build a room first.


The game board
You can print these out on any color printer that prints 11" x 14" pictures.


Example Spell Cards
In the game, your giant can give spare rooms to the Good or Evil Sorceresses at the centers of the board. In return, they will cast a variety of devious spells that will help you in your quest.

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